Convert OPUS Files Online

Convert OPUS (Opus Audio Codec) audio files to any audio format quickly and for free.

How to convert OPUS files online

  • 1To get started, select your OPUS files and add them to the converter.
  • 2Next, select the audio format to which you want to convert your OPUS files and click the "Convert" button.
  • 3After the conversion is complete, you can download your converted audio files.
Convert OPUS Files Online

OPUS (Opus Audio Codec)

OPUS is an audio codec and file format of the same name designed for storing audio. OPUS provides lossy compression and was intended for streaming audio in online broadcasts. Files in the OPUS format support bitrates from 6 to 510 kbps and provide low latency during encoding, which is why it is widely used in video conferences, voice communication (VOIP), video chats, etc. OPUS also allows you to work with regular music files.
File type: Audio
File extension: .opus
Developed by: Internet Engineering Task Force & Xiph.Org Foundation
Initial release: September 11, 2012


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